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Unlock the secrets to becoming an unstoppable force in the literary world with "Called to Write: Journey to Becoming an Impactful Author." This essential eBook is your ultimate guide to not just writing, but thriving as an author. Dive deep into the art of identifying and captivating your audience, crafting a magnetic social media presence, and mastering the elusive editing process. Discover the transformative power of writers' communities, mentorship, and securing a top-tier literary agent. And that's just the beginning!


Lid'ya C. Rivera, acclaimed author and trailblazer, unveils her personal playbook for securing major book deals with traditional publishing giants. With insider tips on query letters, author bios, and crafting a show-stopping author media kit, "Called to Write" is your ticket to literary stardom. Don't just dream of being an author—make it a reality with "Called to Write" as your guiding light.

Called to Write: Journey to Becoming an Impactful Author

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