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 Accepting Clients

March 16th!

What we offer...

How can we serve You?

If you're ready to get out of your clouded mind and welcome your authentic self to a life of clarity and confidence? If you answered 'Yes,' then it's time we start to unlock your TRUE identity in CHRIST and FULL potential to start living the life you deeply desire and deserve!


Confidence BuildHER Academy offers online courses, 1-on-1 coaching programs, digital products, journals, and MORE! Keep in mind, as we enter our season of abundance and expansion, Confidence BuildHER Academy will continue to expand and offer MORE services so STAY CONNECTED!

Coaching Programs

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1:1 Coaching Program
(6-month duration)

All-Inclusive Program! We’ll work together over six months to help you hit your goals through biweekly coaching sessions, unlimited messenger support, and all of the tools, templates, and resources you may need.  

The six-month individual coaching package includes:  

  • One (1) session per week for twelve (24) weeks (1-hr sessions) 

  • Access to call recordings. 

  • 90-Day Confidence BuildHER Journal

  • 12-week online course

  • Downloadable workbook and guide

  • Certificate of course completion. 

  • Detailed session notes with outlined action steps 

  • Access to ALL private client tools, templates, and digital resource hub.

  • Unlimited messenger support during office hours

  • Payment option available (upon request)



Online Courses

Digital Products

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What if I am unhappy with the course?

A: Due to the non-returnable nature of digital products, we have a NON-REFUNDABLE policy. No exceptions.


Who is this course a good fit for?

A: Women desiring to obtain knowledge of confidence, resiliency & self-love, and how to embrace it. Those desiring to become more aware of self and discover true authentic self. Those desiring to learn how to live comfortably according to one's standards, not societies. Those ready to walk courageously in their purpose with confidence in God and self. 


Will I receive a certificate when done?

A:  At the completion of the course, you will automatically be issued a certificate of completion.



Is this program offered on-ground or only virtual? 

A: The course is exclusively online. Please remember your login credentials upon enrolling so you may return back to the class as often as needed. The coaching program is offered virtual or in-person depending upon your location. In-person valid for Florida residents ONLY.



How long do I have access to Confidence BuildHER?

A: For a lifetime! Return as often as you like!

Tyneesha Jones , GA

"This was the best experience I could have ever imagined. It was an experience I didn't even know I needed. The classes were not only easy to follow but Lidya was welcoming and went above and beyond to make sure I stayed on track with my personal growth as well as my business. After taking this course I had the confidence to promote my business consistently and finish my first book!!!! She is wonderful and worth a try!!!"

Arica Urena, GA

"Lid'ya is a beautiful, passionate woman who has made it her mission to empower and uplift women. As a woman who has personally questioned if I should be at "the table", she gave me the confidence to not only know that i I belong at any table, but to eat from it and build my own! If your desire is to improve your confidence and go after what you deserve, then Lid'ya is the perfect woman to lead you."

Monique, VA

"Hello everyone. I'm just here to say if you are looking for a professional, God-fearing, kind, and patient person to talk to who will never judge you or your situation, this is who you need to talk to. I've learned so much from Lid'ya. Anytime I need words of encouragement or motivation from life stressors, she was there and never too busy for me, even with all that she's trying to achieve. She made time for me, she checked in on me, and she checks in on me and the kids, this is the type of support you need. I'm forever grateful and thankful we crossed paths. Lastly, I trust her. She makes me feel safe to talk about the things most people would be embarrassed about. Thank you so much for your time and the tools you've equipped me with to tackle whatever life throws at you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Stay blessed!"
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